Saturday, March 3, 2012

Head Tilt Going Away!

Yesterday March 2 was our first post op visit with Dr. Lyons. He seemed very pleased with Roxy's progress and especially thrilled that her head tilt seems to be going away. He says this is very unusual and a great sign!! Yippie!!
Roxy seems to be improving, some of her old habits have returned. It is the simple things our dogs do that we appreciate, like licking her lips after dinner, smiling again, chasing skateboarders, and this morning her (not so great habit) barking at dogs on the street returned.
We are visiting Dr. Lyons in 3 weeks, which will be 4 weeks post op. At this time he is planning weaning her off the prednisone for two weeks. Currently she is taking 15mg 1x daily.


Max said...

Way to Go Roxy! All of us East Coast Cyber knife Dogs and those owned by CK dogs are rooting for you! You can do it! Soon you'll be puppy wrestling like Max!

Liz said...

Easter greetings from Minnesota. I'm thrilled to hear that things are going well for Roxy after treatment. Keep it up!!

Mary Murphy said...

I just learned of your blog today. How is Roxy doing? I'm exploring cyberknife for my Jake (9yo sheltie) just diagnosed with a brain tumor. Wondering how your Roxy's side effects and post treatment course has been. Please let me know.

AnneM822 said...

Hi Mary,
Roxy is doing very well. I am thrilled that I did this procedure, but it wasn't the panacea that I thought it would be. My expectations were really high. The reality is she still has a brain tumor...but her quality of life is good and she is happy. Roxy has not had any side effects in a negative way. One really great thing that happened is her tolerance for the car. She used to hate it and now she seems to enjoy standing looking around as we drive. She seems to have some weakness in her hind legs that was not there before. As long as it stays at the level it currently is she will be great. If her tumor would not have been on the cerebellum I would have preferred to go to clinical trial in Minnesota and have the tumor removed and try the vaccine treatment. You will make the right decision. I was not ready to let go of my girl and I am happy she is still with me.