Monday, June 18, 2012

Roxy is doing great! And prednisone free : )

Sorry I haven't posted more recently. Very busy here.
Roxy is about 4 months out of cyberknife treatment and doing fabulous.
Roxy has been successfully off of the prednisone since mid April. She was on the prednisone for about 12 weeks, tapering down slowly.
Roxy had been having some episodes of pottie issues in the house, which I understand Jake is/was having too. She was having constant diarrhea for a bit (she has a history of stress colitis). I wasn't too worried at first, but decided to take her to the vet to learn that she had picked up giahrdia. More importantly Dr. Carlsen did an ultrasound and found that she had sludge in her gallbladder and crystals on her liver. He prescribed her antibiotics (a two or three month regime), which seems to have cleared up this problem. I know some of the other cyberknife dogs have issues with somehow forgetting their house breaking rules.....Roxy has always been very good about not going in the house.
OK, besides the health issues mentioned above Roxy is fabulous! The cyberknife treatment saved her life and gave her joy back. I know she would not still be happily alive today if we did not do this procedure.
I know other people are finding this website by doing searches regarding "dog brain tumor". I hope we help you. It is so sad to watch our dogs when we know they have a brain tumor.
Roxy still has a few moments of confusion, and sometimes in the evenings she has a lazy back foot that scuffs slightly, but over all she is back on track.
Here is a video taken of her last month yapping at the squirrel in the tree.
Keep in mind, when I first realized Roxy had a brain tumor was when she wasn't chasing the squirrels at the park!! She also was not wagging her tail at all. By the way, she was never very good at climbing trees, so her stumble as she falls down is not unusual.
I hope my post helps some of you with your is a heartbreaking time and I feel for you all.
Here is another peculiar thing......Roxy used to always get sort of car sick and have panic attacks when we were in the car. Now she enjoys looking out the window and being in the car. She also stays off the bed during the day.....not that I would use Cyberknife as a training tool : )

Here is the link to Dr. Lyons Cyberknifepet Page 


JakesMom said...


I'm so glad you were able to get Roxy off the steroid. Jake is still on Dexamethasone and we continue to taper but each time we lower the dose, he has to adjust.

How long was Roxy on the Prednisone?


David said...

Good going Roxy, glad to hear that you are doing great now!!!