Monday, July 2, 2012

Crap, downturn

How quickly things can change. Just two weeks ago Roxy was happy chasing squirrels, not she is back on the prednisone. Thursday 6/28 Roxy seemed rather tired and Friday 6/29 she started wobbling again. Her back legs seem to really have a hard time listening to her brain. I was out of town for the weekend, but was told she seemed rather good, playing, etc. I picked her up last night and she seemed ok, but tired. This morning when she got out of bed her back legs were very wobbly and when she turned the corner to go out of our bedroom she fell down to a sitting position. I took her for her morning walk and she was very wobbly and seemed quite dizzy. I called Dr. Lyon and Dr. Carlsen and they both suggested that she go back on the prednisone and also see a neurologist. We have an appointment for Thursday morning. I came home from lunch to start her prednisone and she was in bed, it was troublesome to see her raising her head in a wobbly manner, and I noticed her ears had started to drop again. I gave her 10mg of prednisone and went back to work. When I came home she was feeling a little better. I took her for her afternoon walk and she is still quite wobbly with the drunken gait, but more alert than this morning. She ate her dinner and then went to bed. She has been off the prednisone since the end of April - about 2 months. Dr. Lyon said that sometimes the cyberknife results come in waves, so hopefully she will spring back. So sad to see the downturn, but so grateful that for the most part she has been feeling really well for the 18 weeks since the treatment. I am trying not to worry, but my heart is heavy. Sending love to all of my other cyberknife doggies and those who care so deeply for them. I will give an update after the visit with the neurologist. I am guessing another MRI is going to be needed to see what is really going on in her sweet little head.



JakesMom said...

Our thoughts and barks are with you.

AnneM822 said...

Thank you Jake. We are having another MRI on Tuesday. I will keep you posted. Thank you for the love.

Sara said...

Thinking of you and Roxy. Fingers and paws crossed for a good MRI.

Anonymous said...

We are thinking about you and Roxy. Thank you for your blog, it is helping my wife and I who are going through a very similar situation with our Sheltie Sophie. If you get a chance, we would like to e-mail you with some questions about the University of Minnesota vs. radiation decision.
Steve Eddy
Grapevine, TX